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Matej Ceska

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Matej has lived a life following his curiosity. As a young adult he enjoyed a number of hobbies including Karate, Ping-pong, and Breakdance.

  Educated in International Business, Matej worked in the Czech Republic for an insurance company, but in 2014 traded his suit for a backpack and moved to Aberdeen, Scotland. While in the UK, every opportunity was taken to travel and film. From the black sands of the Canary Islands to the towering waves of Portugal, Matej has let nature express itself through the purity of his videos.

  In 2016 Matej moved to Canada, where he now lives and works in Vancouver and is known as β€œMat” to his English-Speaking friends. 

Having found his passion in a career where he can be creative while also helping others, Matej has been grateful for the opportunity to create pro bono videos for non-profit organizations and artists in Vancouver.

In his spare time, Matej can be found doing leather crafts, CrossFit, playing ukulele, enjoying nature and dancing.


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